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An evaluation off Polish ladies’s level of knowledge about endometriosis: a beneficial pilot studies

An evaluation off Polish ladies’s level of knowledge about endometriosis: a beneficial pilot studies

Not enough understanding of endometriosis certainly one of ladies is amongst the grounds of its put off diagnoses. Because of the elusiveness from episodes, 1st element of very early detection try best and you will exhaustive training. The objective of the research would be to evaluate Gloss ladies’ awareness out-of endometriosis.


The new airplane pilot degree were performed with the contribution off 200 girls, during the the typical period of ages (SD = ), who accomplished new authors’ survey associated with mind-investigations of one’s quantity of information about the disease, their periods, later outcomes and advice away from a remediation procedure. Brand new mathematical study is did utilising the IBM SPSS Analytics twenty-five package. They provided a volume studies, a-one-ways research off variance ANOVA, a single adjustable regression research and you may Student’s t-take to having independent examples.


Nearly 84% of females got observed endometriosis, when you are only one/step 3 of those noticed the knowledge adequate or a beneficial. Decent degree is stated by the 4.5% of women, when you’re sixteen.1% out of people had never ever heard about it. The amount of degree is notably higher (p = 0 one of women that have scientific knowledge. Shine girls received the education mainly on the internet together with exposure to most other women. The causes identified by women was in fact the fresh new still-existing ‘taboo’ associated with intervals, its lack of pointers regarding mass media and you may training inside the schools, which is crucial predicated on ninety-five.4% of females.


Shine ladies amount of knowledge about endometriosis try not enough, and that we would like to try and raise. High sense are shown by the people having scientific studies, additionally the large the amount of education, the bigger an excellent female’s need for suit habits.


Endometriosis was a persistent, estrogen-associated inflammatory disease, and is also described as the clear presence of endometrial-such cells not in the uterine cavity. Severity and you may logical speech have become varied for the general disease that mostly affecting the pelvis [step 1, 2]. Typically the most popular internet sites out-of endometriosis may be the ovaries, fallopian tubes, Douglas sinus peritoneum, pelvis and you may intestinal peritoneum. In the example of significantly infiltrating endometriosis, problem foci and additionally occur in the fresh bladder and you may intestinal tracts .

Endometriosis is an especially heterogeneous disease, that can trigger slight periods certainly some people, and a keen agonising pain yet others, affecting their top-notch existence, personal contacts or breeding [4,5,6]. Along with, the fresh broadening intensity of symptoms is commonly perhaps not coordinated with the seriousness of your own disease [5,six,7,8]. One of the most troublesome periods is the challenging problems, that can occur because nonmenstrual discomfort in the decreased hips (10–50%), cyclic soreness through the times (28–80%), soreness while in the sexual activity in females with deeply infiltrating endometriosis, disrupting sex life (12–40%) otherwise defecation [step one, six,7,8,9,ten,11]. Over the years, the condition results in sterility, and that impacts 29–50% of women [2, cuatro, seven, 12]. These types of symptoms impact the actual and you will emotional really-becoming of women, definitely interrupting the caliber of its lifetime [thirteen,fourteen,15]. Laparoscopic removal off endometriosis comes with patients just who don’t answer hormone medication and those who establish correct medical signal (we.age., hydroureteronephrosis, subocclusive intestinal involvement) . Multivisceral businesses is sometimes necessary for the profoundly intiltrating endometriosis which have a great tailored and you will standard method, that may lead in some instances to segmental colon resection and you can/otherwise ureterovesical reimplantation .

It is assumed you to definitely endometriosis has an effect on approximately ten–15% of the population of women of childbirth decades, and you may dos–5% female shortly after menopausal, which quantity so you’re able to 176 mil of women throughout the entire world [7, 9, 11]. Even though unusual inside the postmenopausal lady, endometriosis is highly recommended on the differential diagnosis away from pelvic disease. Both intestinal aches, on account of retroperitoneal endometriosis, might cause deep vein thrombosis .

A lot of incidence studies is inspired by American, British, Canadian and Australian epidemiological look [step one, 5, 8, 10, 15, 19,20,21]. Up until now, wide-spread research has perhaps not started did inside the Poland. In the Ministry from Health’s statistics getting 2018, there are just fourteen,100 ladies which have endometriosis who had been handled for the a medical facility (3560 women) or an enthusiastic outpatient clinic (ten,461 women) . not, the unofficial matter during the Poland could be as much as 2 mil women .