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Mate myself, cavern myself, the brand new sweet burn off of Like myself

Mate myself, cavern myself, the brand new sweet burn off of Like myself

Companion your, cave you, Shams manage me personally. Noah you, spirit you, conqueror and defeated you the awakened cardio your. As to why keep me personally at this door of your secret?

Light you, affair your, the brand new winning belongings you the bird from Install Sinai you. Your bring me personally on your own worn out beak. Shed your, water your, compassion and anger your, sugar your, poison you. Please wear?t always hurt me personally.

The orb of one’s Sunlight you, our home off Venus your, the fresh sliver regarding hope you. Opened ways in my situation. Big date you, nights you, fasting and the crumbs out of an excellent beggar your, water and you will a pitcher you.

If you don?t run my own body too much, for those who don?t clipped my personal excessive, if you attempt to aid in lieu of build my life significantly more difficult. Oh, all these terminology out of exploit.

I’m gone, shed people feeling of shopping for your wine of the nowhereness inquire me, We don?t know where I’m.

Occasionally We diving into the bottom of sea, at times, rise up including the Sun. Occasionally, the world is expecting from the me personally, in certain cases I give delivery in order to they. The fresh milestone in my own life is the new nowhereness, We wear?t fit somewhere else.

I’m the one yelling hey ha. It ask me personally as to the reasons We wear?t react me. We state, once you show your own genuine nature, i then usually act my years.

Last night, I saw Goodness getting intoxicated. He growled and you will told you, I’m a pain in the neck, a pain in the neck. A hundred souls cried out, however, we’re your very own, we are a, we are yours. You’re white one spoke to help you Moses and you may told you We in the morning God, I’m Jesus, I am Jesus. We told you Love, who’re you? The guy told you, I’m you, I am your, I’m your.

My deal with free of sorrow, my personal mouth laden up with drink, my gowns ripped regarding my own body. Search everything?ve done to me today.

This will be me: good rogue and you may a good drunkard, very easy to spot regarding the tavern away from Couples

He actions too quickly. You to definitely air, he or she is outside of the windows. Second breath, he could be in my own top. I will?t consider obvious, my personal thoughts are perhaps not right here, he’s all the I find.

The new eight heavens you should never consist of your, but he’s right here, upgrading my shirt. Pop, you to switch here. Pop, that key there.

You realize! I think, I?ve got You now. Prior to I met your, I got just one cardio, I’d only 1 human anatomy, I was simply becoming. However, look at me personally now, I?ve had you now.

Neither I’m me personally, neither you are you, nor you are me personally. As well as, I’m myself, you’re you and you’re me personally. You will find getting one out of such a way, Which i have always been mislead whether I’m your, or you are me.

Brand new Lovers commonly drink wines night and day. They will take in up to they are able to rip out the veils of intellect and you will burn off the brand new layers from shame and you can modesty. While in Love, muscles, mind, life blood don?t also exist. Feel which, fall-in Like, and you will not split up once again.

Guess what you are? You’re a manuscript from a great divine letter. You are a mirror reflecting a commendable deal with. It world isn’t beyond you. Research in to the yourself; exactly what you prefer, you are currently one.

Quench my hunger, Beloved

Tonight ‘s the nights. It see this is the creation of that home from eternity. That isn’t a regular evening, It’s a wedding ones who find unity. This evening, new wedding couple speak in one tongue. This evening, the bridal chamber is looking like bright.