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I am also an accountant by profession and have extensive experience in the field of finance, working for the financial services industry. Accounting, CLEP Financial Accounting, Finance, Business Over a decade of private teaching experience with O/A/AS levels, BBA and MBA… My strong passion for financial literacy, motivation and inspiration creates a learning environment for each student’s success . I am CPA with a Bachelor degree in Accounting and Masters degree in Taxation from the University of San Diego. I have been tutoring for over 10 years in various subjects. I have range of knowledge from working at in tax and consulting services for PricewaterhouseCoopers the past five years.

How do you tutor someone virtually?

Zoom or Google Hangouts are perfect for connecting with students in real-time. This allows for interactive learning sessions that are convenient and affordable for both parties. These platforms will also help you reach a wider client pool and enable you to tutor students anywhere in the world.

In the formal school setting, students are often expected to learn by quietly reading information and are not often encouraged to collaborate with other students about the material. It has come to my notice that few fraud tutors are reaching out to students and sharing my Teacheron profile link claiming themselves to be Anup Singhania. You can check my Whatsapp number by burning coins on my Teacheron profile…

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We use an advanced whiteboard platform that allows you and your accounting tutor to interact and share materials efficiently. The monthly earnings of our tutors depend entirely on how much they choose to work in a given month, and the per-hour price they set for classes. Working 0-10 hours weekly, we see that our current US-based accounting tutors earn an average of $205 monthly. We have experienced teachers that requires to understand the complex questions of accounts. Our teachers are quite aware of the subject and the kind of preparation you need to score good marks and crack good exams. I have been teaching Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Financial Management and other business related subject to different level of students ranging from O & A level to university level.

‘Too Good to Be True’: NH Gives Students $1000 for Tutoring — Yet Sign-Ups Lag – The 74

‘Too Good to Be True’: NH Gives Students $1000 for Tutoring — Yet Sign-Ups Lag.

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I also received my Masters in Business Administration. I am working towards becoming a Certified Financial Planner. Throughout college, I tutored students from grades K-8 in the subjects of Reading and Math. I also tutored my colleagues in the subjects of Accounting, Finance, and Public Speaking. I enjoy tutoring in Accounting because I believe Accounting is a… That experience gave me the passion for teaching and the teaching process. I hold a bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering, an MBA, and I’m currently weighting my choices for my PhD.

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Do you sometimes find yourself spending more time looking for papers than studying? A tutor can try to help you become more organized by suggesting you get labeled folders so that you’d find what you need faster. A tutor can also help you prepare for any upcoming certification exams.

This intimate setting also enables accounting tutors to create customized learning plans for their students. Your instructor can create this type of learning plan for you, which will focus on the specific accounting topics that you need the most help with. Studying for the CPA exam (and scoring FAR-93, AUD-90, BEC-95, REG-94) puts me in a unique position to break… Math has always been my online accounting strongest subject, and I enjoy learning and teaching it. As a Business Economics major at UCLA, I used Calculus to create Economic models in the majority of my courses. As an Investment Banker, I strengthened my understanding of fundamental mathematical concepts by creating and applying complex financial models to a wide variety… It’s just important that you select your tutor wisely.

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Globally, we can see that tutors also tend towards work part time on Preply, between 1-30 hours weekly. I have 20 years experience in teaching these subjects. Am a Cost accountant (ICWA-India), Management Accountant (CMA-USA) and a Post Graduate in Commerce with 14+ years of industry and teaching experience. I’m currently obtaining my Masters of Science in Accounting. Outside of school, I enjoy reading, video games, comics and other nerdy pursuits. I am also an avid traveler and recently lived in Thailand for 6 months. Students are growing more interested in taking tuition lessons.

  • Am a Cost accountant (ICWA-India), Management Accountant (CMA-USA) and a Post Graduate in Commerce with 14+ years of industry and teaching experience.
  • We want you to be in your comfort zone to ask any questions you may have and to actually enjoy yourself while you learn.
  • The other broad type of Accounting is Financial Accounting which is used to report company profits and other measures for entities outside the company such as investors, lenders, and of course the IRS.
  • Aditya joined the Institute of Company Secretaries of India after attaining a master’s degree in accountancy.
  • Accounting can be a difficult course to follow without the right help.